The first Caption Contest

Bilder oder Fotos hochladen

Begin of voting: 2/15/2012
End of voting: 2/27/2012

Submissions up to now (1/25/2012 08:36 AM (GMT+1)): 1

For captions >500KB filesize contact me here.
(Use 'on Request' as reason/topic)
If you still have problems, try it here.
The system: (changed)

-I release the picture.
-You submit your captions here.
-All accepted submitted captions will be released at once.
-The voting begins, after the captions has been uploaded.
-The viewers will choose between the numbers 1 to 5 to rate your caption. (5 is best)
-At the last day, I will write down all the numbers and calculate.
-Then the winner recieves it prize. (look left)


The first Caption Contest

All the information and the picture can be found above this post.

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